Visualize your Personal Identity

You might or you might not consider changing your personal style.
Now is the time to join my workshop and discover how clothing
and coaching can help you find, define or change your identity.

When everything is said and done, all people are searching for their purpose in life. Working for money and status is not inspiring enough nowadays. If you have a personal vision, you are living your passion. You know what you want and why you want it.
Personal identity is being aware of what is really important to you. This vision comes from inside. If you know how to tap into this vision and structure it, then you most likely feel flow, harmony, peace and happiness.
Some people have already found their identity and others are working this out along the way. They have achieved this through self-development which is acquired by the experiences of every day life and work. Either way, communicating your self-image to other people is not always easy. Still it is very important to convey the image you wish in both your work and private life.
Whether you like it or not, the first impression you make will be determined by your look. Clothing is one of the most important tools here. You are what you show! But is your look matching your inner self? If so you will experience strength and people will notice your authenticity. And this will bring you closer to your mission.

In this workshop I will guide you to match your inner personal identity with your outward appearance by making a personal mood board or style chart. I invite you, your friends and colleagues to find, define or change your identity and create a mood board so you have a solid concept of your goal. This mood board will serve as a guide to assist you as you shop, decorate your house, dress for work, successfully apply for a job and/or celebrate personal success.
Trends of the current fashion season will be shown and together we can figure out what suits you best. Finally I will give you tips and tricks to accomplish this important task, no matter how big or small your budget!

The workshop will be held at a unique location.
The costs of this special experience is 49,50 € p.p and the workshop will be held in Dutch.