About Sascha


Sascha was born in 1975 in the Netherlands. After high school she attended TMO, a technical and commercial fashion management school followed by the Montaigne fashion design academy. Her combined interest for fashion and commerce has moved her career from a stylist at a private label production company into a concept designer at an international brand chain store.

With her personal vision and her desire to participate in a multitude of different projects she started her own styling company SAS in 2006. Here she lives her passion and uses her experience for fashion, writing and photography. Sascha loves teamwork in which she uses her excellent communication skills to motivate and stimulate fellow team members to create great products.

Over the last two years she was frequently consulted by her inner circle to advice on home interior and personal clothing concepts. Making these concepts for decorating , coaching women to manage their wardrobe and define personal identity by means of clothing.

The enthusiastic feedback made here decide to start personal shopping service and organizing workshops: define your identity.